Sunday Service @ 11a

New Heights Boise seeks to be a place of healing where people can come and find restoration and hope in Christ; to be a safe-harbor for those who have found themselves tossed in the sea of life; to be a community where people can dock their ships for a season or a lifetime, however long the Lord desires, and find the healing and freedom in Jesus they need. We desire to be a community of healing that is interested in nurturing and developing each person to their fullest measure and God-given potential as a child of God.


As a spiritual community, we desire to be a people of “Refuge”- a “City of Refuge”: a safe harbor, full of love, acceptance & forgiveness where people can grow in Christ without fear of rejection and condemnation (Psalm 46:1, 94:22); where love covers a multitude of sins (I Peter 4:8)



A people of “Restoration” – a “House of Healing”: a healthy family where broken people can be made whole through Christ’s healing grace, bringing His wholeness to the Treasure Valley and beyond (Luke 4:16-21)



A people of “Resource” – a “City on a Hill”: training and supporting Kingdom expansion and increase, a community of people living as an example of grace and gratitude, having received the goodness of the love of God, serving as a witness to the transforming power of the Risen Christ in our homes, neighborhoods, places of employ and beyond (Matthew 5:13-16, Acts 13:1-3, 19:8-10) as we freely extend and give God’s healing Shalom to our land



To be a people that are fruitful and “Reproduce” – a “Greenhouse”: nurturing & growing more disciples, leaders, small groups, Congregations & Churches (Matthew 28:19, 2 Timothy 2:1-2)



A people of gratitude that “Rejoice” – a “Kingdom Celebration” – a community full of the infectious life of joy & hope in Jesus Christ (Philippians 4:4-7, Habakkuk 3:17-19)


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