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EPIC Student Ministries (ESM) serves students at New Heights Church and across the Treasure Valley to be a place of refuge, love and discipleship. ESM meet in ‘The Alleyway’ within New Heights where students encounter the love of Jesus. The purpose of Epic Student Ministries is to CONNECT our students with Jesus and the Word of God. We desire to help them GROW in Christ, SHARE in God’s Word, and offer themselves in SERVICE to the Kingdom in order to HONOR God. Our desire is to promote and facilitate an environment where students can be introduced to, taught with, and encouraged in the love of Jesus. ESM does this in multiple ways. We offer our students a Sunday morning worship service, two separate midweek studies for JH and HS, and a multitude of outreach events.

The Junior High & High School years are vital in training young people to be disciples of Jesus. Statistically, 60 percent of students leave the church after high school. This means that traditionally the church hasn’t done a good job of communicating the gospel to teens and creating a legacy of disciples that is multi-generational. EPIC Student Ministries at New Heights is focused on helping parents equip young people between grades 7& 12 to be disciples of Jesus by clearly communicating the gospel, creating an environment of worship, and connecting teens to community in the church.IMG_3116

The end-goal of EPIC Student Ministries is to create theologically sound Jesus lovers who go on to become vital members of the church in the college years and beyond. We meet on Sundays during the 11am service in ‘The Alleyway’.

Why ‘EPIC’?

The Story of Jesus Christ is the most EPIC tale of all time. We want to encourage our students to become deeply enveloped in this EPIC tale and to make it the most crucial and intricate part of their own personal EPIC journeys as followers of Jesus Christ!

Why ‘The Alleyway’?
On an inner-city missions trip New IMG_3159Heights took part in several years ago it became more and more apparent that the real ministry wasn’t being done in the church buildings, but rather on the streets and in the alleyways where real hurt and need was apparent and the love of Jesus Christ was imperative. Calling our meeting place ‘The Alleyway’ is a regular reminder to our leadership and students to get outside themselves and share the gospel everywhere, even when it’s uncomfortable and maybe a little unconventional.

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